Smooth Fitness Update #smoothblogger

The Smooth 5.65 Treadmill is very convenient and another favorite feature of mine is the Smooth Drop Folding Frame simply because I can store it easily in my home and it’s very space efficient. It’s very easy to close and it’s foot operated. The location my treadmill is stored is also the game room in my home and my kids play with their toys and video games in this room so this convenient feature makes it very easy to store {Read More}

Smooth Fitness Update #smoothblogger

It’s always rough on my legs when I attempt try to jog outside on the concrete, but using my Smooth 5.65 Treadmill has been a lifesaver. I am not much of a runner anyways, but slowly I have been incorporating jogging while I’m using the treadmill. What I normally do is run in 2 minute intervals off and on…so I walk for 2 minutes and then switch it up with jogging for another 2 minutes and I continue doing this {Read More}

Smooth Fitness: {Weight Loss Update} #smoothblogger

Hello Lovelies, I just wanted to give a brief update on my weight loss. I have been doing okay I must admit. Here lately I have gotten discouraged because of not seeing much of any pounds loss any loss; I do however feel and see the difference in inches. I feel that it’s a mental thing when you see the difference in numbers you feel that since of relief, but when you don’t you kinda feel like giving up. At {Read More}

Smooth Fitness Update #smoothblogger

One of my favorite features of my Smooth 5.65 Treadmill is the integrated reading rack/media. I use this to read paper magazines, listen to music and browse the internet from my iPhone, as well as catch up on magazines with my iPad reader with Glamour, Instyle, Elle, and Essence Magazine. It’s convenient for working out because for me I enjoy anything that will make my workout time go by faster. I also enjoy listening to any type of crunk music {Read More}

Smooth Fitness: {At Home Gym Advantages & Disadvantages}

I find working from home as a big advantage for me because of the convenience. I will admit when I didn’t work out from home there were times I would say that I would go to the gym and never go, but now that I have a home gym it’s that much easier because I can work out whatever time of the day I would like all in the comfort of my own home. There are some days I prefer {Read More}

Smooth Fitness: {My Weight Loss Journey Update} #smoothblogger

Hello Lovelies, It’s hump day and the week is half way over. Okay so things have been a bit hectic here lately between my family vacation to Disney and then attending BlogHer I fell off a little due to the traveling and not having the best eating choices while traveling. I find it rough to maintain a diet while traveling. There are times when I don’t eat (and while being on a diet we know the importance of at least {Read More}

Smooth Fitness: {My Weight Loss Journey Update} #smoothblogger

Hello Lovelies, I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I’m so excited to share with you guys that last week was a great week for me. In my previous Smooth Fitness Update I mentioned that I had actually gained 2 pounds from my vacay to Disney at the beginning of the month, but in the last week or so I have actually lost those 2 pounds and some. I decided to weigh myself although it had only been {Read More}

Smooth Fitness: {My Weight Loss Journey Update} #smoothblogger

Hello Lovelies, I hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far..So as you know from my last Smooth Fitness update my family and I went on vacay to Disney World and my eating habits weren’t the greatest. I find it much harder to be consistent on a diet or just eating properly while on vacay so in result, I gained 2 lbs :(. What I can say is I’m sure I burned off a lot of what I ate from {Read More}

Smooth Fitness Review Update & My Weight Loss Journey {#smoothblogger}

A few weeks ago I blogged about my new Smooth Fitness Treadmill & My Weightloss Journey¬†and I wanted to give a brief update on how things are coming thus far. I have been doing my best to become the most familiar with my machine and I think I haven’t quite nailed it as of yet. I have tried a few of the programs that are offered on the treadmill, but some of them are very challenging and haven’t worked in {Read More}

Smooth Fitness & My Weightloss Journey {#Smoothblogger}

I have been on a mission here lately with my weightloss journey. If you are a long time reader you know that one of my goals for the new year was to become a healthier and better me and I have been doing just that. So for the last past 6 weeks or so I have been working out daily and I have changed some of my eating habits. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not unhappy with my {Read More}