Chic & Confident in Everyday Life: {Sofia Vergara for Kmart}

The Sofia Vergara New Line brings trends for the everyday woman who wants to feel Chic, Confident, & Sexy all at an affordable cost. Whether you are a mom on the go, or heading to the office, you do want to feel good while doing so and with that being said “Work With What You Got.” Sofia Vergara’s New Line does just that. Each piece in this collection is sexy and flatters the body perfectly. Not only that the new line {Read More}

Kmart: {Money Can’t Buy Style}

Style is about personality, not a price tag. With that being said, who says you can’t be stylish without going broke. It’s good to know how to shop sensibly without breaking the bank. I mean just because you spend a ton of cash on a trend doesn’t mean that it’s FAB Approved. Yes quality is important, but just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it has less quality in some cases. For me I’m all about saving and shopping {Read More}