Love & Happiness

Hello Lovelies, I hope you had a lovely weekend and a fabulous Valentine’s Day. My husband and I were finally able to spend our Valentine Day together on Saturday. With our kids hectic schedules with both gymnastics and basketball we almost don’t have anytime during the week to spend time with one another because we are constantly on the go taking them back and forth to practice. So over the weekend since there were no basketball games or gymnastic meets {Read More}

Diary of a Chic Mommy: {Insta Weekend}

Hello Dahlings, Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is having a great week thus far. These are some recent outfits that I wore over the weekend for the last few weekends including when my Bestie Channell was in town a few weeks ago (we had a blast btw) some that were uploaded to Instagram using my iPhone and that didn’t make it here to my blog (sorry for the poor pic quality on some of the pics). I thought that {Read More}

Date Night With Style

Recently my hubby and I were provided with the opportunity to have date nite courtesy of Cottonelle Ultra. Cottonelle believes that like a good relationship gone stale, toilet paper is the ultimate routine purchase-people often get into long-term relationships with one brand and never consider how things could be better. So this applies in a relationship as well and that’s why it’s important to keep things going in your marriage/relationship no matter how long you have been with that person. You just {Read More}