Peruvian Body Wave Hair Review from Vinuss

Hi Lovelies,

I don’t ever discuss my hair here on the blog, but sometime around the beginning of last year I decided to do the big chop and nope I didn’t do it because everyone else did it, I did it for my own reasons. Being that I wear weaves so much and my hair had been breaking I thought why not cut it all off and start over allowing it grow back without putting any chemicals in my head. Since then well heck even before then I have been wearing protective hair styles as in weaves. I’m not pro-natural per-say, but I am about trying to keep my hair healthy and protecting it while it’s weaved up for whenever I do decide to wear it. What can I say I just love wearing weaves (don’t judge me lol).  I mean it’s already hard enough having to do my daughter’s hair and she has a head full. So being that I don’t often wear my own natural hair I thought cutting it all off would be best so that it could grow properly and since then it definitely has. The thing I hate the most is that my hair is so thick and coarse and before it’s blowed dried out it literally looks like wool lol. I have the worse type of hair…at least in my opinion anyways.

Natural Hair after big chop

Before Install

Over the weekend my family and I went to New Orleans for All Star Weekend and to visit with family and I took advantage of getting my Peruvian Body Wave hair installed for a new look. I have been wearing unprocessed hair for years and I was so stoked when I came across Vinuss. They are very affordable and I also took the advantage of bundling the hair because it saves me money versus individually buying bundles of hair. The thing that I love about bundling the hair is that it gives you the layering affect without having to cut much into it. For this install I used three bundles of the Peruvian Body Wave hair in 16, 18 and 20 inches. You have the option to choose the length you would like and I thought I would go a little longer this time from my normal 18 inch hair. The hair from Vinuss is unprocessed and comes in a natural hair color, but can be colored to your liking. I also used a 14 inch lace closure. The reason I chose to use the lace closure is because it’s more convenient without having to put heat to my hair every single day which wouldn’t work when you have hair as thick as wool.

Lace closure with bleached knots

Lace closure with bleached knots

I have been wanting to try the ombre color for a while now, but I’m always so afraid that it will alter the natural state of the hair so I’m always a little skeptical. So I took to Instagram to find a stylist in the San Antonio area that I knew would get the job done right and I found Yama and her work speaks for itself. I was so pleased with the way she colored my hair as well as the install. After the hair was colored I was so surprised at how super soft the hair was and that it still kept it’s same texture. Typically I like to keep my hair a basic black or brown color as I’ve gotten older, but I thought I would be a little daring and add some color and try something different and I’m in love with my new color and  you can’t tell me nothing :). I know this won’t be the last time that you will be seeing me with color.

Vinuss Peruvian Body Wave Hair

After Install

Ombre Red

My Stylist Yama from Mayi’s Hair Braiding Salon

Ombre Red

Red Ombre Hair Color

Stay tuned as I will provide an update/video on my hair after it’s been washed and straightened out in a few weeks.



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  1. I like it, especially the red ombre!
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